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How Become a Low Carbon Farmer.

How Become a Low Carbon Farmer.

In Praise of Mother Earth
What is Low Carbon Farming?

Have a look at the 12 low carbon ‘best practices’ that farmers are adopting to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their profits.


What is Low Carbon Farming?

Illustrating Low Carbon Farming by Carbonvisuals

The images below show the estimated CO2e savings that can be expected by farmers adopting the practices recommended by the low carbon farming project (read…

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The World’s Natural Resources: How Long Until There’es Gone!

The World’s Natural Resources: How Long Until There’es Gone!

Natural Resources

How Long Will the World’s Natural Resources Last?

This graphic from New Scientist shows when certain natural resources will run out in the world if we continue at the current consumption rate. However, reader beware, this graphic feels more like eye candy than real data. I’m no ecologist, but something about these numbers doesn’t seem quite right. Completely out of gold in the entire world in 45…

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Food Tank by the Numbers: Family Farming

Food Tank by the Numbers: Family Farming

Food EDU
Food Tank by the Numbers: Family Farming Food Tank

Food Tank’s new report Food Tank By The Numbers: Family Farming.

As the world celebrates the International Year of Family Farming, Food Tank: The Food Think Tank highlights new research showing how family farms, can nourish the world while protecting the environment. The new report, Food Tank by the Numbers: Family Farming, features original research from…

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Are Plants More Intelligent Than We Assumed?

Plants are also able to make complex decisions.
DO PLANTS SHOW INTELLIGENCE?In this video, Pollan considers time-lapse videos of bean plants searching for a metal pole to climb. Even before the plants reach the pole, they seem to “know” where it is and to try to wrap around it. One plant even seems to cede a pole to another plant that found it first. Some question whether these videos show “plant intelligence,” but the footage is compelling,…

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#Outernet looking to bring #free #Internet to entire #world

#Outernet looking to bring #free #Internet to entire #world

free internet
Outernet” looking to bring free Internet to entire world

A small team of workers at a New York based non-profit organization called Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) has announced its intention to build an “Outernet”—a global network of cube satellites broadcasting Internet data to virtually any person on the planet—for free. The idea, the MDIF website says, is to offer free Internet…

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